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What a Drug Conviction Could Mean for Your Future

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Many people underestimate what a drug conviction could mean for their future. A lot of people only think about the short-term consequences of a conviction, such as a few nights spent in jail, a small fine, or a year on probation. These legal penalties don’t seem like the end of the world, right?

For some, these penalties aren’t all that daunting; however, the short-term impact of a drug charge isn’t the only thing you should be thinking of. Your future can be negatively affected by a drug conviction. In fact, your future is where a drug conviction really does the most damage.

Long-Term Consequences of a Drug Conviction

When you don’t understand the true repercussions of a drug offense on your permanent record, you may make poor decisions due to your lack of understanding, such as signing a plea agreement without consulting legal counsel first. That’s why it’s so important to analyze all the ways your life can be altered.

The following are some of the ways a drug conviction could wreak havoc on your life:

  • Your Criminal History – Criminal history is a permanent record of past indiscretions. Once a crime is on your record, there are no take-backs, and you can’t ask the court for a do-over.

  • Employment Prospects – One of the major ways your criminal history affects your future is the way it can greatly limit your job prospects. Employers, especially high-paying ones, nearly always conduct a background check on potential employees. Your dreams may also be crushed forever because some jobs will be closed to you due to your conviction.

  • Financial Stability – If you can’t secure decent employment, your future financial success will be limited. You may be forced to work low-paying jobs you don’t even like for the rest of your life, possibly never reaching a state of financial freedom.

  • Family Life – Your conviction could cause upset in your family. Due to embarrassment, financial troubles, or other effects of a drug conviction, your family could suffer. This suffering could lead to divorce or the loss of visitation rights with your children.

  • Government Programs – Many helpful government programs do not allow those convicted of crimes to participate. You may find yourself ineligible for certain loans or housing opportunities.

  • Lost Rights – Some of the rights most citizens have can be taken away from you if you’re convicted of a felony drug charge, such as the right to bear arms or the right to vote.

Get in Touch with a Terre Haute Drug Crime Lawyer

It is possible to avoid the negative ramifications of a drug conviction—mainly by not being convicted at all. Fighting a drug charge could mean dismissal or a great reduction in the seriousness of your charge.

The attorneys at Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm have successfully defended many clients against countless drug charges over the years. We’d be happy to help you safeguard your future by getting favorable results for your case. Call 812-232-7400 or fill out the online contact form at the bottom of this page to get started.

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