Terre Haute Child Support Modification Lawyer

Get Help Pursuing Or Challenging A Child Support Modification

Life is full of changes. After a divorce, separation or child support order is put into place, a change in circumstances may require reassessing your situation. A new child support order may be necessary to address:

  • A change of job or job loss
  • Increase or decrease in pay
  • Change in the children’s needs
  • Medical issues

Ideally, you may be able to negotiate a modification with the other parent and file the agreement for court approval, which can spare you the stress and expense of going back to court. However, that isn’t always possible. You may need to go before a judge, presenting strong evidence and arguments to either change the support order or keep it the same.

We’ll Help You Make A Compelling Case

Whether you are seeking or opposing a modification of child support, the procedures for doing so can be complicated. The law requires that the person seeking the change meet certain legal standards. A lawyer can help you navigate the process and make a compelling case rooted in sound legal arguments.

In the Terre Haute area, contact our attorneys at Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm P.C. We understand the intricacies of child support modifications in Indiana. Backed by more than three decades of combined experience, our attorneys can advise you of your rights, options and responsibilities. We can help you negotiate a modification or, if necessary, pursue your case in court.