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Terre Haute Murder Lawyer

Murder and manslaughter cases present highly complex issues and conviction may result in several years to a lifetime in prison and even death. Murder is the most serious violent crime that one can be charged with. If you or a family member has been charged with any form of criminal homicide within the State of Indiana – call us immediately at (812) 232-7400 or (317) 489-0310 to speak to a criminal defense attorney in Terre Haute. Your initial consultation with a Terre Haute criminal defense lawyer at Rowdy Williams Law Firm is free.

Types of Murder and Manslaughter

There are several different murder and manslaughter charges that you can be accused of in Indiana, and understanding the specific charges will aid you in defending your rights.

  • Murder – knowingly or intentionally killing another human being or unborn child

  • Felony Murder – causing any death during the commission of or flight from a specific felony offense

  • Voluntary Manslaughter – in the sudden heat of the moment, knowingly or intentionally killing another human being or unborn child that has attained viability

  • Involuntary Manslaughter – a person who, in the commission of crimes that do not qualify for felony murder, causes the death of another

  • Reckless Homicide – recklessly causing the death of another

Aggressive Defense for Criminal Homicide

Facing charges of a criminal homicide may put you at risk of facing life in prison or death. Various factors – use of a deadly weapon, commission during a felony, and others – can be an aggravating factor that elevates the penalties of the offense. Regardless of the situation you may be in, with the competent and aggressive legal counsel of the criminal defense attorneys in Terre Haute at the Rowdy Williams Law Firm, you have the opportunity to face a better future. Contact a Terre Haute criminal defense lawyer at our firm today. An experienced Terre Haute criminal defense lawyer will work to protect your rights and successfully represent you.

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