Terre Haute Drug Lawyer

In Indiana, even minor drug offenses can land you with life-changing consequences. For help fighting your charges, contact a Terre Haute drug attorney.

Drug crimes are especially visible in the public eye, and they’re taken very seriously. While movies and TV shows show a glorified version of those who are involved with or arrested for drug crimes, your reality is likely much different. When you’re charged with a drug crime, you have a serious case on your hands, and it may be difficult to defend yourself.

If you’ve been charged with a drug-related offense, you don’t need to try to handle your case alone. A qualified lawyer can defend you, giving you your freedom and the chance to maintain the opportunities you had before your arrest. If you’re facing a drug offense that might end up on your record, turn to a Terre Haute drug lawyer at our firm.

When you’ve been charged with a drug crime, you likely need serious legal help—every case is different, and drug crimes cover a wide variety of offenses. Call someone who will know exactly how to build you a solid defense. The attorneys at Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm will do just that. Our personalized approach can help you get through your case without losing everything.  

Examples of Drug Crimes in Terre Haute

When you’re accused of drug offenses, you need to focus on the circumstances and the context of your case. Here, context will make a big difference. Often, drug charges can stack. For instance, if you’re accused of selling marijuana, but you allegedly had additional kinds of drugs on you at the time of your arrest, you could also be charged with possession.

Knowing exactly what you’re being charged with will make it easier to navigate your case. And a drug crime lawyer in Terre Haute can give you a better idea of what you need to do to avoid the consequences of your drug charges. Below are just a few types of drug charges you might see:

  • Possession If you have a controlled substance on your person, you could see jail time and hefty fines—depending on the drug. In many cases, you’ll be facing a Class D felony. You’ll need to speak to your attorney about the specifics of your charges.
  • Manufacturing – If you were accused of manufacturing drugs, you could face harsh penalties for participating in the process. Manufacturing is a felony, and it will be taken as seriously as other felonies. Even if you’re accused only of manufacturing, you could face the same charges as a drug dealer.
  • Dealing – While dealing drugs almost always comes with harsh penalties, the amount you’re accused of dealing will make a difference in the severity of your sentence. It’s also important to note that dealing is not necessarily the same as trafficking. Quantity will matter; if you’re found with a large amount of a controlled substance, you could be charged with trafficking.

Penalties for Drug Crimes in Terre Haute

If you’ve been charged with any type of drug crime in Terre Haute, you’re very likely looking at a felony charge. Drug crimes are taken very seriously, so you need to know what to expect and what trouble you could experience if you don’t move quickly to handle your case.

While drug crimes are predominantly felonies, what exactly you might be charged with will depend on the type of offense you allegedly committed. While felony drug fines are capped at $10,000, it’s the prison time that you really need to watch out for. While you have a good idea of what fines to expect, the jail time can vary widely.

For example, a Level 6 felony may net you only six months in jail, which is serious, but a Level 1 felony has a maximum of forty years of imprisonment. This does not include the effects a felony charge will have on your life well after your sentence is over.  

Penalties Beyond Your Verdict

If you don’t act now to secure legal help, and you lose your case, you could lose opportunities you may have never considered when you were first arrested. Felonies come with serious consequences that don’t end when you’re no longer behind bars.

For example, a felony charge can mean lost job opportunities. Many businesses don’t hire people who have criminal records, which means you could lose your chance to continue working in your field at all. This places a massive financial burden on you if you haven’t yet paid the thousands of dollars in fines. While there is some assistance available for felons, it can be difficult to catch up.

Employment won’t be the only matter that gives you trouble. Housing can be difficult to find with a criminal record. Many apartment complexes and other housing providers perform background checks, and a felony may disqualify you from many places.

The social effect may be one of the most difficult things to deal with, however. Not only can complete strangers see your background, but your own family may suffer for it. You can even lose custody of your children if you’re sent to prison, and they may be put into foster care if there’s no family member to care for them.

How a Terre Haute Drug Crime Lawyer Can Help

Facing such serious consequences, acting now may be the only way to protect your future. A Terre Haute drug crime lawyer can handle your case and guide you through your defense to protect you from incriminating yourself or making the wrong move.

Fighting a drug offense can be tricky, but our attorneys have seen plenty of cases, and we know what moves the prosecution might make to incriminate you. Staying on the same page with your attorney can be a big help to your case as we build your defense.

For instance, while police can set up sting operations and similar tactics, you’re protected against unlawful search and seizure. If the police had no search warrant or probable cause but still searched your home or forced open your car, we may be able to get your charges dropped.

The prosecution will also have to prove that the drugs were yours. Being in the vicinity of drugs doesn’t mean that they belong to you, and the prosecution will need to provide evidence that the drugs were yours and that you knew about them. We can also request an analysis of the substances in question for further proof of your innocence.

The bottom line is this: Your drug crime attorney in Terre Haute can assess the details of your case and build you the strongest possible defense.

Speak with a Terre Haute Drug Attorney

When you’re dealing with a drug charge, you need to make sure your case is in good hands as soon as possible. Protecting your rights and freedom is important. If you have been accused, get in touch with someone who can help you get your charges reduced or dismissed.

A drug crime accusation warrants calling a lawyer for help protecting your life and future from those who would take it away from you. A felony is a serious matter, and if you’re convicted of one, it can leave you struggling for years after the incident. But there is hope for your case.

Getting help may make all the difference, and you can start today with a free consultation with a Terre Haute drug lawyer at Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm. To schedule your appointment, give us a call at 1-812-232-7400 or complete the online contact form at the bottom of this page.