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Terre Haute Probation Lawyer

Although probation is a substitute for imprisonment, it does not offer total freedom. There are various rules involving the behavior and actions of the person on probation, and if these rules are broken the person may find that they are facing serious charges.

In Indiana, a probation violation may result in imprisonment in county jail without bail. When Rowdy Williams Law Firm gets involved at this point, we can begin working with your probation officer and prosecutor in order to minimize the chance of having new charges filed against you. This can help ensure that you do not serve any additional jail time. If it can be proven that you did not violate the terms of your probation, you may be able to avoid imprisonment altogether.

Types of Probation Violations

For many minor probation violations, such as failure to take a drug test, missed probation officer meetings, or absenteeism in mandatory rehab classes, this short jail term will be all the consequence you may face. Of course, this also depends on your record. If you have a history of parole or probation violations, the judge may choose to sentence you to the maximum penalty for the crime you were originally charged with.

Some probation violations occur when the convict is caught committing a new crime during their probation period. If this has happened to you, you must take action to defend yourself from punishment for the new offense you are accused of and work to have your original probation reinstated.

Accused of a Probation Violation?

You should speak to a Terre Haute probation lawyer. For whatever reason for which you have been accused of violating probation, Rowdy Williams Law Firm can provide you with a strong Terre Haute probation violation attorney to protect your rights. A Terre Haute probation violation attorney will argue that your violation was minor or accidental and will work to gain leniency. To help gain sympathy for your plight, our Terre Haute probation lawyer will show the progress you have made since you began probation and show that you have made major positive developments in your life. A Terre Haute probation violation attorney will demonstrate how hard you work at your job, with your treatment program and in your family to show that you are a real person who made a forgivable mistake.

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