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Terre Haute Divorce Law Attorney
Terre Haute Divorce Law Attorney
Terre Haute Divorce Law Attorney
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With the stakes so high, you need a divorce lawyer you can count on. Our firm is dedicated to fighting for our clients to achieve the goals of their divorce that they want and deserve.

The legal team at Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm has extensive experience in your divorce case and we are ready to provide the aggressive legal representation that your case deserves during this challenging time. We are ready and able to provide you sound legal advice to get you through this trying time. For over 20 years, we have helped people just like you to protect themselves and their children.


You have come to an important decision: you want a divorce, or you are seriously considering one. Or perhaps your spouse has made the decision to file, and now you are forced think about how you are going to protect yourself and your family.

Regardless who ultimately files the divorce, the decision to divorce not usually a spur of the moment decision. Perhaps when you wake up each morning, you say to yourself, "This marriage is not working. I need to start a brand-new life." Or possibly your spouse has made this crucial decision for you. One thing is true-we all want to be in love with our partner and stay married forever. However, does not happen in all marriages. In fact, nearly 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce. Nobody wants to be a statistic; nevertheless, when all avenues of reconciliation have been exhausted, sometimes divorce is the only option for you to have the happy life that you hope for and deserve.

Ending a marriage can be a difficult situation emotionally and financially, especially without reliable legal representation. If you plan to end your marriage or if your spouse has served you with a divorce petition, an Indiana divorce attorney can be an invaluable asset. They can help you determine the best options for handling the situation and reaching a favorable outcome in your divorce proceedings. It affects your soon to be spouse, your children and even your extended family. Consequently, the decision to file dissolution of marriage petition should not be made without serious thought and consideration of all relevant factors.

We are ready to help you with issues that include:

  • High Net Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Child Visitation
  • Child Support
  • Allocation Of Assets And Debts
  • College Expenses
  • Spousal Support


Indiana is a no-fault divorce state, meaning that neither party is required to establish blame for the marriage's breakdown before the court can grant a divorce. Consequently, individuals ending their marriage may assume they can manage the divorce independently. However, those without legal expertise typically lack the knowledge to:

  • Understand their legal rights concerning individual and joint assets and debts
  • Grasp Indiana law pertaining to child custody, parenting time, and support matters
  • Accurately prepare and promptly file the necessary court documents
  • Navigate the legal system efficiently
An attorney specializing in uncontested divorces recognizes that such cases involve cooperation. They strive to facilitate an uncontested divorce in Indiana, safeguarding your rights without instigating disputes.

  1. Filing of the Divorce Petition - When you are prepared, you will begin the formal dissolution of marriage process by filing a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and Summons with the Court. This document must be filed in your county of residence for the last 3 months. You must also have been a resident of the State of Indiana for a period six months.
  2. Obtaining Service of Process - When the divorce if filed, the other party must be served with the summons. This is usually done by certified mail.
  3. Discovery/Financial Disclosures - The parties will exchange information and documents that are relevant to the issues in the divorce. This can be done by agreement or through the formal discovery process.
  4. Temporary/Provisional Hearing - Either party can ask for a provisional hearing. At this hearing the judge will issue a temporary order regarding the parties’ rights and responsibilities during the pendency of the divorce.
  5. Negotiation/Mediation - The courts encourage and it is in both parties’ best interest to come to an amicable resolution to the case. This can be done through informal negotiations or formal mediation. Most cases are resolved with negotiation or mediation without the necessity of a trial.
  6. Cooling Off Period - There is a 60-day waiting period before a divorce can become final. After the 60-day waiting period has elapsed, the parties can file an agreement with the court or request a final hearing.
  7. Trial - If the parties are unable to come to an agreement, then the court will hear the evidence presented to the parties in open court to determine the contested issues. Litigation can be stressful and time consuming.
  8. Final Decree - Once the Decree of Dissolution is entered, this means that your is final. Both parties will be bound by the terms of the dissolution of marriage decree.


Our Firm is dedicated to providing compassionate, aggressive and experienced legal representation to all of our clients. We know the difficult path that you are about to take, but we can tell you that you will come out at the other end in a better place to achieve your goal of peace and happiness. It is our goal be your advocate to protect you, your children, and your future.


Child Custody

Fighting for custody is one of the most important conflicts you will engage in. Do not face this battle alone. Our trusted lawyers will stand with you and aggressively litigate your case.


There are numerous reasons why a parent may file a petition to modify a child custody order. Sometimes it is best for you to spend more time with your child to provide more stability or better parenting. There are other times when you are worried that the other parent is abusing the child or neglecting the child. In some situations, there is a significant change of circumstances where modification of custody is warranted.

In the state of Indiana, it is permissible to have a child custody order modified but only under certain circumstances. A court can only modify a child custody order if it is in the child’s best interests and there has been a substantial change in at least one of the following statutory factors found in Indiana Code 31-17-2-8:

  1. The child’s age;
  2. The wishes of the parents;
  3. he child’s wishes, which will carry more weight if the child is a least 14 years old;
  4. The relationship between the child and the parents, siblings, or another person who has a significant effect on the child’s best interests;
  5. The child’s adjustment to his or her community, school, or home;
  6. The physical and mental health of the parents and child;
  7. Any evidence of family violence or domestic abuse; and
  8. Any evidence that a de facto custodian has been caring for the child.


To control and win in litigation that involve issues concerning child custody, you will need an experienced attorney who can aggressively pursue your goals in a court of law. We have found that the children can be used as a weapon by an ex-spouse who does not truly have the children’s best interest at heart. Even an ex-spouse that is extremely misguided in what is truly in the best interest of the children take an unreasonable position. Frequently in contested child custody disputes the parties can come to an agreement. In the circumstances that parents will not agree on custody, the parties will participate in a contested hearing. At the contested hearing, the Judge will make a determination as to which parent should have legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody gives that parent the right to make decisions regarding the health, education, and welfare of the child. Physical custody refers to the parent with whom the child will live. In some cases joint physical custody arrangements can be in the child’s best interest. In those cases, the child’s time with each parent will be divided, in some cases equally.

To put yourself in the best position to win your case, you need a lawyer who is aggressive and will fight for you. If you are facing a tough custody dispute, call our Terre Haute Custody Lawyers today for a free consultation.


Child Support

Call our experienced lawyers today to determine if your current child support order can be modified.


Your family law case has been done for a while and everyone has moved on. You may be wondering if the amount of child support that you are paying or receiving is correct. The laws of Indiana allow child support orders to be modified under certain circumstances. Child support can be modified upon the showing of (1) changed circumstances so substantial and continuing as to make the terms of the current order unreasonable; or (2) if a party has been ordered to pay an amount in child support that differs by more than twenty percent (20%) from the amount that would be ordered by applying the child support guidelines; and the order requested to be modified was issued at least twelve (12) months before the petition requesting modification was filed.

Making more or less money, new-born children or a change in overnight parenting time may all be a basis for a child support modification. After the filing of the Petition To Modify Child Support, the following are important considerations:

  1. What is the current gross incomes of the parties
  2. Whether there are any after-born children to either parent, and
  3. Whether there have been changes in health insurance, childcare expenses, or the number of overnights the non-custodial parent has with the child.

This information can be exchanged by the parties voluntarily or can be requested in formal discovery. Non-Parties can be sent a subpoena to obtain relevant payroll documents from the other party’s employer.

If you are considering modifying the current child support order the most important step is to retain an attorney who handles child support modifications on a routine basis. Our Firm regularly practices in this area. If you would like to meet to see if your support order can be modified call us today for a free consultation.



If you wish to modify your visitation order hire the experienced lawyers at Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm, P.C. to litigate your case.

Visitation Modification

A non-custodial parent is entitled to “reasonable parenting time rights,” formerly referred to as “visitation.” A parent’s parenting time may be lessened if the court finds that the non-custodial parent’s parenting time could be a danger to the child or otherwise is not in the child’s best interests. If you need legal representation modifying visitation or protecting the parenting time that you currently enjoy you can turn to the Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm to fight to protect your visitation rights and make sure that your voice is heard.

Enforcing Visitation

If a custodial parent insists on interfering with your parenting time, then the Judge admonish the party to comply with the court order. In certain circumstances, if a custodial parent continues to violate a court order, the court may find the custodial parent in contempt, award makeup time, or order a short jail sentence.

On August 26, 2013, the Indiana Supreme Court released most current version of the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines. The Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines apply to all child custody cases unless the court orders otherwise and represents the minimum time a non-custodial parent should spend with a child when the parents are unable to reach their own agreement.

The court may modify an existing visitation order when the court finds that said modification would serve the best interests of the child. However, the court will not restrict a parent's parenting time rights unless the court finds that the parenting time might endanger the child's physical health or significantly impair the child's emotional development.


A divorce attorney plays a crucial role in guiding individuals through the intricate and emotionally charged process of divorce. Our extensive legal knowledge and expertise ensure that clients understand their rights concerning the division of assets and debts, child custody arrangements, and other crucial aspects. Let our Terre Haute divorce attorney assist you in the meticulous preparation and filing of necessary legal documents, preventing procedural errors that could impede the divorce proceedings. Moreover, they act as advocates, whether through negotiation or court representation, working tirelessly to secure fair settlements and protect the client's interests. In challenging times, a divorce attorney also provides essential emotional support, offering guidance and reassurance throughout the legal journey. Their strategic planning helps clients make informed decisions that align with their long-term goals, and they continue to assist post-divorce, addressing modifications or unforeseen changes.

If you are navigating the complexities of divorce, consider seeking the support of a skilled divorce attorney. With their expertise, you can confidently address legal matters, protect your rights, and work towards a resolution that aligns with your best interests. Don't hesitate contact us for a for a free case evaluation with an experienced divorce attorney.

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We understand that legal process of a Family Law Case can be dauting. At the Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm, our goal is to make this process has smooth as possible. We will make you feel secure knowing that you are represented by attorneys that are skilled, experienced and , knowledgeable and, if required, aggressive in fighting for you. Starting with our first meeting, you will be informed of the process of your particular case. We will make sure all of your questions are answered. Every case is different. If we cannot come to an amicable resolution to your case, we will provide the aggressive legal representation that your case requires. We will leave no stone unturned as we prepare your case. We have the extensive litigation experience in the fa

Winning In Court

Our Firm has been recognized by outside entities for our exceptional legal work. However, the awards that are most important to our lawyers are the ones we win in court. We will put the necessary time and preparation in our endeavor to win your case. We treat your case as if it was the case of a family member. We have developed relationships with people within the court system. Our Firm has years of experiencing practicing in the court that your case will be tried in. Having knowledge and foresight as to what to expect from the Judge involved is important to your case.


Whether you are seeking a divorce, restraining order, child custody, visitation or support our Firm team has the requisite experience to practice in this complex area. We provide all of our clients with experienced representation and a plan to help you win your case. You can rely on us to protect your rights and aggressively litigate your case. Our Firm has over 20 years’ experience handling family law cases. We know that these cases can be extremely frustrating and mentally tolling. That is why you need a lawyer by your side to walk with you in this important time of your life. Your best interests and achieving the goals of your case are our top priority.

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Financial Freedom When I started my Firm in 1996 I made a decision to defend my clients differently.

When I started my Firm in 1996 I made a decision to defend my clients differently. At my Firm when you retain me “Your Case” becomes “Our Case”. Our Firm is committed to providing the aggressive legal representation that you deserve. Our Firm has extensive experience litigating Family Law cases. Using our depth of knowledge, experience, and professional skill, we can work together to give you the best possible chance of a favorable case outcome. Our Firm has successfully handled over a thousand family law cases. Our lawyers understand the profound importance of any legal issue concerning your family. When you work with us, we will always treat you with the respect you deserve.

What distinguishes our Firm from others is our unique capacity to grasp the facts of the case, and to bond with our clients in order to create a personal professional working relationship based upon mutual respect. This winning formula works toward building successful strategies to accomplish the goals of your case.

Choosing a family lawyer is one of the most important decisions regarding your case that you will make. Our past clients have relied on our Firm in some of the most important times of their lives. Our lawyers work closely with each and every client with the goal to secure a positive outcome. We represent clients with a wide range of personal situations. We are focused on providing comprehensive family law services that make your special needs our top priority. Paying close attention the details and ensuring we get to know you as a person makes for the best attorney/client relationship. We do not take a cookie-cutter approach to family law. At the end of the day, your family law attorney should prepare and aggressively fight for your desired outcome. This is the approach we have chosen for the Rowdy Williams Law Firm.

If you are seeking a lawyer who is a true advocate, someone who will stand with you in this time of need, contact us today for a free consultation.

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