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Terre Haute Mediation Lawyer

A divorce is a complex, emotional thing, and you likely want to make it as easy on yourself and your family as possible. Settling matters out of court with a Terre Haute family mediation attorney’s help can make the process much simpler.

Sometimes, a marriage just doesn’t work out, and while you might have nothing against your spouse, you’re both ready to file for divorce. But taking things to court can be messy, draining, and frustrating. You want a simple way to settle your division of assets and make things easier on any children involved.

A Terre Haute family mediation lawyer from Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm may be exactly what you need. Our attorneys have the empathy and experience to make sure you and your children are treated fairly.

Litigation vs. Family Mediation in Terre Haute

When you think of fairly dividing your assets in a divorce, you might think that going to court and fighting for your fair share is necessary. Unfortunately, court litigation can leave bad blood between the two of you, and it can be exhausting and expensive to drag out litigation over the course of the divorce proceedings.

Mediation takes all that away. If you go the route of mediation for your Terre Haute family law issue, you’ll have a chance to calculate your assets, divide any premarital property or debts that are in your name only, and decide how best to split your community property. This gives both parties a chance to speak without the pressure that litigation might pose.

Mediation is more popular than you might realize. As a mediator, your lawyer can facilitate the conversation to guide you and your ex to a fair resolution to your dispute.

What Mediation Can Cover

Mediation should cover any legal matter you and your former spouse are arguing over. The following are some of the major issues a family mediation lawyer in Terre Haute can help with:

  • Child Support – If you have children, a major part of your mediation might focus on their care. During mediation, a lawyer can make sure you know what to expect to pay or receive in child support.

  • Child Visitation and Custody – Much like the above, determining who your children will stay with and what will disrupt their lives the least is vital. Your mediator can help you make this decision based on location, the child’s wishes, and other factors and explain visitation rights or “parenting time” to the non-custodial parent.

  • Division of Property and Assets – While Indiana splits property as evenly as possible, this may not be fair in some cases. If your spouse has more debt than you or you own a business or other major asset, a mediator can help you understand your options for splitting these fairly.

Contact a Terre Haute Family Mediation Attorney

Divorce is never easy, so you need to take steps to make it easier on yourself and your family. Litigation is messy and exhausting, but it’s not your only solution. If you’re seeking a way to take care of your family’s needs without the strain of taking everything to court, consider contacting a mediator at Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm.

If you’re seeking a divorce or handling another family legal matter and want to make things as fair and simple as possible, contact a Terre Haute family mediation lawyer. Reach us by calling 1-812-232-7400 or completing the form below.

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