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Terre Haute Foreclosure Lawyer

Have you been unable to make the mortgage payments on your home loan? Are you facing the harsh reality that your property may be seized by the loan servicer? When you’re dealing with the problem of falling too far behind on your mortgage, speak with a qualified Terre Haute foreclosure attorney.

You become at risk for your home being foreclosed on when you fail to make payments or set up payment arrangements with the lender that gave you a loan to purchase your house. The lender can seize your property and sell it to get its money back and leave you without a place to live and consequences that will affect your credit score and financial reputation.

However, even the most diligent and responsible homeowners can be blindsided by a foreclosure notice, despite continuing to pay their mortgage each month. When confronting the lender doesn’t correct the situation, working with a qualified Terre Haute foreclosure lawyer at Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm can help you avoid an unwarranted foreclosure on your home.

Loan Modification

In some cases, once the bank has decided to proceed with a foreclosure on your Terre Haute home, we may be able to submit a request for modification to your current loan that would better suit both your needs and those of the bank. Modifying your loan could allow you to keep your home and the bank to continue to be repaid.

We may even be able to take legal action against the bank if it has been dual-tracking your loan. This is a federal violation that essentially means the bank has been attempting to work with you through the loan modification process but also continuing to move forward with the foreclosure.

If you hope to remain in your home and get current on your mortgage payments, seeking a loan modification may be the best way to do so. Once a bank is able to officially foreclose on your home, it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get it back once it has been sold.

The Lender Error

There are instances when the loan servicer has made an error in handling your loan and the foreclosure is therefore unwarranted. Clerical errors, problems with the lender not following proper foreclosure procedure, failing to report payments to your account, and the lender being unable to prove that it actually owns your property are issues the loan servicer is responsible for.

Fortunately, these errors can be proven and corrected so you are able to remain in your home. Doing so may necessitate the assistance of a foreclosure attorney in Terre Haute. We have the experience necessary to understand complex loan servicer documents and procedures and spot errors when they occur.

Connect With a Terre Haute Foreclosure Attorney

To discuss the details of your impending home seizure as soon as possible, contact a competent Terre Haute foreclosure lawyer with Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm today. You can schedule a free, no-obligation consultation by filling out the contact form below or giving us a call at 1-812-232-7400.

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