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Terre Haute Child Molestation Lawyer

The crime of child molestation involves a broad range of indecent and sometimes sexual activities between an adult and a child that is under the age of 14. Child molestation accusations have the potential to ruin a person’s reputation, career and future. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for false allegations to be made by a child or an adult for reasons of revenge, anger or jealousy. They may arise from a custody dispute or a heated divorce in an attempt to gain sole custody of a child or eliminate visitation rights. If you have been falsely accused of child molestation or any type of sexual conduct with a minor, you will need to move fast to secure the representation of a competent Terre Haute child molestation attorney who can protect your rights and future.

Challenging Allegations of Child Molestation

One of the best ways to avoid conviction for child molestation cases is to get involved early on by conducting a complete investigation into every aspect of your charges or informal allegations. This may include taking into consideration any reasons that the child or the child’s parent may have to make false allegations against you or other related factors, such as a history of lying or previous false accusations of abuse. Here at Rowdy Williams Law Firm, our Terre Haute criminal defense attorney will look at the physical evidence at hand and will fight to challenge the validity of the charges in the first place, perhaps seeking the dismissal of your charges based on the fact that the prosecuting attorney does not have actual physical evidence of abuse, only a witness’s somewhat questionable testimony. A Terre Haute child molestation lawyer at Rowdy Williams Law Firm will use our resources and experience in order to seek a dismissal or acquittal. Contact a Terre Haute criminal defense attorney at our firm today.

Penalties for Child Molestation

Another factor that makes child molestation cases so serious is the severity of penalties that may be imposed. Anyone who is convicted of child molesting will face a six to fifty years sentence. In most cases, a conviction will also result in mandatory sex offender registration and may result in the loss of one’s parental rights under a civil action by the Indiana Department of Child Services. It may be in your best interest to speak to a Terre Haute criminal defense lawyers.

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