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Terre Haute Adoption Lawyer

Adoptions are one of the most rewarding areas of our practice. Let us help you make your family complete. Call the Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm P.C. in Terre Haute for guidance and assistance throughout the process for adoption in Indiana. We’ve been helping families in Vigo County for over two decades and welcome the opportunity to help you grow your family through adoption.

Skilled Guidance in Stepparent Adoption

If you are a stepparent, you might think of your stepchild as one of your own. You may have raised the child as your own, but in order to legally be that child’s parent, you would need to legally adopt the child. Stepparent adoptions are one of the most rewarding areas of our practice and provide numerous benefits to the stepparent, the child and the family unit as a whole. By adopting your stepchildren, you guarantee them the right to health insurance through your employer, as well as any social security and veterans benefits you qualify for. Your children can take your name, and both you and them will know that you fully belong together as a family.

Most adoptions are done with the written consent of both natural parents. However, the other natural parent can object, and this otherwise joyous time can become quite stressful and contentious. Our Terre Haute law firm has skilled Indiana family law attorneys who practice in the area of Indiana stepparent adoptions and are dedicated to protecting the child’s best interests.

When Is the Biological Parent’s Consent not Required?

According to Indiana Law, the other biological parent’s consent may not be required in the event of:

  • Parental abandonment for at least six (6) months;
  • No support for at least one (1) year or failure to make support payments
  • No communication for at least one (1) year; and/or
  • Parental unfitness to care for the child

In all other cases, the consent of the other biological parent may be required. If a biological parent is contesting the adoption, I will argue to the court why you would be in a better position to raise the child. Our team has a strong background in the courtroom when needed to shepherd your case through to a successful adoption.

Help with Indiana Adoption by an Experienced Terre Haute Adoption Lawyer

If you are interested in adopting your stepchild or are considering having your new spouse adopt your child, you want to make sure the case is handled correctly by an experienced adoption lawyer. Call us today for a free consultation.

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