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Why Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney?

“Do I really need an attorney?” This is a question that you may be asking yourself if you or someone you know has been arrested or accused of any type of crime. You may wonder whether now is the time to involve legal counsel or whether you even need an attorney at all. Every situation is unique, and this question must be addressed on a case by case basis, but our recommendation is to consult with a Terre Haute criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Remember, the police already believe that you committed the crime, and are actively working to assemble the necessary evidence to prove your guilt-any delay in taking appropriate legal action to defend yourself increases the likelihood of a conviction.

Contact us at Rowdy Williams Law Firm as early as possible in the case for a free, confidential consultation with a Terre Haute criminal defense lawyer from our firm. In discussing your legal matter, your questions and your concerns about the situation, you can learn what you are really up against and how difficult it may be to clear your name of the charges. You can get information that will help you make your own decision about hiring a lawyer and addressing your case. You may find that you do not need legal representation at this time, or may decide that involving an attorney is the most important thing you can do to protect yourself and your family. When you make the choice that’s right for you, you can then rest easy knowing that your legal matter is being addressed properly.

In the face of any type of misdemeanor or allegations or charges in federal, juvenile or state court in the Indiana, you may be at risk of receiving harsh penalties and living with a criminal record that could affect you for the rest of your life. Not only could you be fined and sent to jail or prison, but you would also end up with a mark on your record which could interfere with your future prospects for education, credit, housing and even employment. With so much at stake for your future and your freedom, can you afford not to hire an attorney to fight for you?

No matter what they may tell you to the contrary, the police, investigators and prosecutor are not your friends. Their job is to solve crimes and to convict criminals, and the only reason that you have come into contact with them is that they believe you are guilty. There is practically nothing you can say during questioning which will absolve you of suspicion, and in fact nearly anything you say will be used against you. Police are even legally allowed to lie to you during questioning.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can resolve the situation by going to court and explaining your side of the story. Court procedure is complicated, and you will be going up against a prosecutor who has training and experience in using the fine points of law and rules of evidence to defeat people in your situation. The odds will be against you in that position, and it is not at all advisable that you attempt to represent yourself under most circumstances.

By hiring a Terre Haute criminal defense lawyer from our firm, you will be leveling the playing field between you and the prosecutor and you will give yourself a dedicated advocate whose only objective is to defend your rights and your freedom. We will at all times work in your best interests, and you can benefit enormously from the fact that our founding attorney is a former deputy prosecutor who knows how to look for weaknesses in the evidence against you. Give yourself the best possible chances of success-let a Terre Haute criminal defense lawyer fight for you!

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