Is CBD Oil Legal in Indiana?

Marijuana laws across the country are being modified to allow those with serious medical conditions to benefit from its use, both medicinally and recreationally. However, up until 2018, Indiana did not allow any type of marijuana possession or use, in any form. Below, we discuss how the law has changed in Indiana, and what that … Continue reading “Is CBD Oil Legal in Indiana?”

Arrested in Indiana: What Comes Next?

If you’ve been arrested, you are likely concerned with what could happen next. An arrest, even if you aren’t convicted, can have a serious impact on your life. It can affect how your friends and family view you, your current employment status, and your long-term ability to earn a living. You could be spending time … Continue reading “Arrested in Indiana: What Comes Next?”

Top Three Reasons DUI Cases Are Dismissed

Being charged with a DUI is no small matter. Operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol can not only seriously injure or kill you, your passenger(s), or anyone else sharing the roads, but you could be facing serious penalties if you are convicted. The best way to get through this challenging time … Continue reading “Top Three Reasons DUI Cases Are Dismissed”

Can First-Time Offenders Expect Leniency in Indiana?

It’s embarrassing and upsetting, but you have been arrested for the first time in your life. You’ve never broken the law before, but now you’ve made a mistake and you’re possibly going to be punished for it. Because it’s your first time, you may be wondering whether first-time offenders can expect leniency in Indiana. In … Continue reading “Can First-Time Offenders Expect Leniency in Indiana?”

What a Drug Conviction Could Mean for Your Future

Many people underestimate what a drug conviction could mean for their future. A lot of people only think about the short-term consequences of a conviction, such as a few nights spent in jail, a small fine, or a year on probation. These legal penalties don’t seem like the end of the world, right? For some, … Continue reading “What a Drug Conviction Could Mean for Your Future”

Gave A False Confession? Your Lawyer Can Help

Whether you’re guilty or innocent, being arrested is terrifying. You’re handcuffed, accusations are flying, and while the police may have – certainly should have – read you your Miranda rights, it’s hard to exercise your “right to remain silent.” The impulse to speak under this pressure may be irresistible and what you say may not … Continue reading “Gave A False Confession? Your Lawyer Can Help”

Minor Crimes Become Life Sentences On Sex Offender Registry

When people talk about the sex offender registry, state-by-state lists of sex offenders and where they live, most believe they are speaking exclusively of rapists, child molesters, and people guilty of similarly serious crimes. What the majority doesn’t realize is that anyone convicted of a “sex crime” is required to remain on that list for … Continue reading “Minor Crimes Become Life Sentences On Sex Offender Registry”