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Terre Haute Violent Crime Lawyer

Have you been charged with a violent crime in Indiana? Violent crimes are often the most serious charges a person can face. Most violent crimes are felonies, which carry a range of penalties that can include prison time.

Prosecutors in Indiana are relentless in their pursuit for a conviction in violent crimes. It is for this reason that having an experienced violent crime attorney on your side is critical if you have been charged with a violent crime. Rowdy Williams has over 23 years of experience helping defendants who have been charged with a violent crime.
Our law firm has experience you need to successfully defend your violent crime case. These cases are difficult and often require an exhaustive and thorough investigation.

What is a violent crime?

In general terms, a violent crime is one that involves the use of a force against a victim, which may include weapons or threats of force. Actual injury may not be required, but is often an aggravator in any violent crime offense.

In Indiana, a crime of violence can include offenses such as:

  1. Murder, Manslaughter, Homicide
  2. Kidnapping
  3. Rape
  4. Robbery
  5. Burglary
  6. Resisting Law Enforcement
  7. Battery
  8. Domestic Battery

Penalties for Violent Crimes in Indiana

The sentence for a violent crime depends on a variety of factors. The charges can be as low as a Level 6 Felony up to a Level 1 Felony. In addition, many violent crime convictions often carry other collateral consequences, such as future ineligibility for expungement or lifetime firearms prohibition even if not a felony.

The range of penalties for violent crime charges are as follows:

  1. Level 6 Felony- six months up to 2 ½ years
  2. Level 5 Felony- one year up to six years
  3. Level 4 Felony- two years up to 12 years
  4. Level 3 Felony- three years up to 16 years
  5. Level 2 Felony- ten years up to 30 years
  6. Level 1 Felony- twenty years up to 50 years

Serious Charges Require Serious Representation

As soon as you are arrested or become aware you are a suspect in a violent crime offense, it is critical to reach out to an experienced attorney. When you choose to hire Rowdy Williams, your case becomes his case. Rowdy understands that if your case is not handled correctly, it could have life-changing ramifications. As a former prosecutor, Rowdy has developed a unique understanding of the criminal justice system and is ready and prepared to help fight for you.

Even if charges have not been filed yet, it is important to discuss your case with an attorney to make sure that you understand what your rights are and avoid a criminal charge if at all possible.

Call Criminal Defense Attorney Rowdy G. Williams for Help With Violent Crime Charges in Terre Haute

If you have been arrested and charged with a violent crime in Terre Haute, call the Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm at 812-232-7400 for a free consultation.

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