Can I file bankruptcy without my spouse in Indiana?

No one makes the decision to declare bankruptcy lightly. When you’re married and one spouse has incurred significant debts that continue piling up, bankruptcy can be a good option to clear your financial slate. However, the other spouse might wonder how filing for bankruptcy will impact their credit and finances—even if the married couple shared … Continue reading “Can I file bankruptcy without my spouse in Indiana?”

Differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is an option you likely wanted to avoid, but now it seems that you’ll need to file to get the creditors off your back and get your debts erased. Maybe you’ve already begun researching bankruptcy, but you’re surprised by the number of chapters available for debtors. Chapters 7 and 11 bankruptcies are … Continue reading “Differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 Bankruptcy”

Is Divorce Affected by Bankruptcy?

It’s an unfortunate truth, but many divorces are the fault of money. Financial stress puts strain on the relationship, and for some, that strain can break a marriage. While you’re dealing with your divorce proceedings, your debt might be too much to handle. But is divorce affected by bankruptcy? The short answer is yes. Both … Continue reading “Is Divorce Affected by Bankruptcy?”

8 Signs It’s Time to File for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can be a pretty scary term. It often carries the connotation of total financial ruin, although that’s usually not the case. In many instances, bankruptcy can be what saves you from total financial ruin and helps you to get back on your feet. “When somebody really doesn’t have money to pay their bills then … Continue reading “8 Signs It’s Time to File for Bankruptcy”

What To Do When A Creditor Garnishes Your Wages

With the cost of living on the rise and wages trailing far behind, people can end up unable to pay their bills. Basic living expenses like mortgages, rising rents, and utilities can eat up an entire salary, leaving no funds for other bills. Unfortunately, not paying those bills can result in garnished wages. Having your … Continue reading “What To Do When A Creditor Garnishes Your Wages”

11 Things to Do If You’re Facing a Foreclosure

Foreclosures were common in 2009 when a record 2.8 million houses were foreclosed on. Since the recession, fear and uncertainty have risen with regard to property ownership. Though they’re less common now, foreclosure notices are still sent out across the US. It can be a terrifying feeling to receive that yellow notice in the mail. … Continue reading “11 Things to Do If You’re Facing a Foreclosure”

You Have Options When Facing Wage Garnishment

If you fall behind on your bills, your creditors might employ wage garnishment as a last-ditch method to collect on the debt. A creditor can legally seek to seize a portion (as much as two-thirds) of your wages to satisfy a debt. This is a serious situation, but you don’t have to take it lying … Continue reading “You Have Options When Facing Wage Garnishment”