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Should I Call a Lawyer Before Filing for Divorce?

Once you’ve made the decision to end your marriage, you’ll likely be looking into the steps that you need to take in order to officially file for divorce. Before you do so, it would be well-advised to reach out to an experienced Indiana divorce lawyer for assistance. 

Although you don’t necessarily need a lawyer to get divorced, having an attorney on your side can ensure that you aren’t taken advantage of throughout the process. Continue reading to learn more about the grounds for pursuing a divorce in Indiana and how your lawyer will make sure that you get what you’re entitled to. 

Grounds for Divorce in Indiana

Before you can file for divorce in Indiana, you’ll need to determine your grounds for divorce. This is necessary because only a valid reason—as laid out by the Indiana courts—for ending your marriage will be accepted. 

You can pursue a divorce in Indiana for the following reasons: 

  • If either spouse is found to be impotent
  • If one spouse committed a felony after the marriage 
  • If one spouse has been deemed medically insane for a period of two years
  • If there is an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. 

An irretrievable breakdown simply means that something occurred in your marriage that has made it impossible for you to continue to remain in a relationship with your spouse. This is by far the most common reason for divorce across the state. If you aren’t sure whether you meet the valid grounds for divorce, reach out to your lawyer for clarification. 

Protecting Yourself Throughout Your Divorce

Some spouses choose to go their separate ways amicably. Through this process, they are able to work together to separate their property and assets and determine whether one spouse is entitled to financial support. 

However, in many cases, one spouse feels taken advantage of, whether because they feel that they are entitled to certain assets or that they are being made to pay alimony unnecessarily.

When you work with an attorney throughout the divorce proceedings, you can be sure that your property and assets will be divided equitably. This doesn’t mean that your marital estate will be divided evenly, rather that both parties will obtain a reasonably equal amount of their shared assets. 

In the event that one spouse is in need of financial support, your lawyer can help you either fight for the funds you need to continue supporting your lifestyle, or they can ensure that your spouse doesn’t request an unreasonable amount of alimony

It’s easy for the divorce process to get messy, fast, which is why having a lawyer on your side is of utmost importance. You can be sure that working with a divorce lawyer in Indiana will both expedite the finalization of your divorce and ensure that both parties are treated fairly for the duration of your divorce. 

Consult an Indiana Divorce Lawyer

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