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Enforcing Indiana Child Support Orders

Are you and your child’s other parent at odds over the amount that one parent is required to pay the other for child support? In these cases, it is not uncommon for the parent who is ordered to pay support to withhold the funds entirely or continue to pay them past the required date.

When this happens to you, you might be interested in learning more about how you can compel your child’s other parent to uphold their financial responsibilities to your children. With this in mind, we address how child support payments are calculated and what happens when one parent refuses to comply with an existing child support order.

How Child Support Is Determined

Whether you and your child’s other parent came to a child support plan on your own or the amount was determined by the courts, there are a number of different factors that come into play when establishing an appropriate child support payment.

Both parents’ income and household expenses, the cost of health insurance, child care, and a variety of other details are all considered, as per Indiana’s child support guidelines. If one parent disagrees with the amount they’ve been ordered to pay, then going against the existing order is not the way to bring about modifications, as the penalties for failing to comply are more serious than you might think.

Refusing to Comply With a Child Support Order in Indiana

If the other parent of your child suddenly stops making their child support payments, your first step should be to contact your attorney so we can begin building a case against them. The Indiana court system has no tolerance for parents who refuse to uphold their financial obligations.

The courts can decide to garnish the parent’s paycheck, revoke their license until further notice, and even report them to the credit bureaus. When you’re having difficulty obtaining the child support that your child is entitled to, work with a family lawyer in Indiana who can help you enforce your existing child support order.

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