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Obtaining guardianship of a child or adult family member can be necessary in certain circumstances. Guardianship is a judicial process that must be handled correctly for success, including determining that a guardianship is appropriate and the best option, preparing and filing all necessary documents, and appearing for required court hearings and other proceedings. Rowdy G. Williams Law firm P.C. provides practical advice and professional assistance throughout the Indiana guardianship process. Call our Terre Haute family law attorneys today to evaluate if filing a guardianship petition is the right course of action in your particular circumstances.

What Is a Guardian?

A guardian is a person who has been ordered by the court to provide for the care of a minor child or adult. A guardian is responsible for the child’s basic needs, such as food, clothing, shelter, education, and medical care are met. In cases like this, a guardian acts much like a parent in making sure that the child’s best interests are met. A guardian may be tasked with the challenge of managing the finances of an individual if they are able to do so because of an incapacity.

Guardianship Over an Adult Person

Guardianship of an adult has some of the same characteristics of the guardianship of a minor. The court-approved guardian is responsible for making the decisions for the ward regarding medical care and other life issues. Often, guardianship is ordered for adults who are incapacitated either by mental illness, extreme physical ailments or other incapacities.

What Powers and Responsibilities Does a Guardian Have?

The guardian of a minor will have all the authority and responsibility that a parent would have. Additionally, the guardian also maintains responsibility for any property owned by the minor, unless the court orders otherwise. Similarly, the guardian of an incapacitated adult is responsible for that person’s care and custody, as well as preserving their property if ordered by the court. A guardian could have the power to decide the ward’s residence, sue on behalf of the ward, consent to medical care or treatment, consent to the ward’s marriage or adoption, purchase a home for the ward, and more.

The level of responsibility and control that a guardian has over the ward depends on the facts and circumstances of each case. The judge will decide these matters in part based on the arguments you make in your petition and at a guardianship hearing. It is important to have experienced legal representation to advise you regarding this complex area of the law.

Help With Guardianship in Terre Haute

If you are interested in learning more about guardianship or have general questions about the process, please contact Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm P.C. today. Our Terr Haute guardianship attorneys can advise you if a guardianship is appropriate to help take care of your loved one. If so, we’ll represent you and assist you through the process to ensure the guardianship proceeding concludes smoothly and successfully.

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