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Parke County Family Law Attorney

Whether you and your former partner have decided to legally separate, divorce, or simply end your relationship, the effects can upset the lives of your children. Consult with a Parke County family lawyer who can make the transition as easy and fair as possible.

Going from sharing your life with someone to living completely separately can be messy. Many partners feel the other partner wronged them in some way, and these feelings of anger can translate when trying to work through your custody, visitation, and support issues.

At Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm, we understand that this is a trying time for your entire family. A Parke County family law attorney from our firm will work hard to help you and your family come to a reasonable arrangement and ensure that the needs of your children are a top priority.

Establishing Child Custody and Visitation Schedules

Among the key points of contention when parents decide to divorce or separate are child custody and visitation. One parent is usually deemed the custodial parent—the one who has physical custody of the children—while the other is the non-custodial parent. The parent who has physical custody is the one with which the children reside.

You and your former partner will need to discuss in detail whether you’ll be able to work together and have joint custody of your kids, meaning you’ll share the decisions regarding their care, or if one of you will have sole custody of the children, meaning the parent will not have to discuss important decisions regarding the children with the other parent.

Once custody has been established, you’ll need to go over what works best for you and is in the best interest of your children in terms of a visitation schedule for the non-custodial parent.

Before child custody and visitation issues end up in the hands of the courts, you’ll likely want to work to come up with a plan that works for the whole family. A Parke County family attorney can help you with these negotiations and, if need be, argue your case in court.

Your Child Support Agreement

Coming to a child support agreement can be a challenge. Whether one parent believes the other is requesting too much or an order needs to be implemented in the first place, your family law attorney in Parke County can walk you through the process. Generally speaking, the non-custodial parent will pay child support to the custodial parent.

Child support payments are calculated based on the income of each parent, minus adjustments made for other children that either of you might need to provide support for. The court also will take into consideration which parent makes more money and other obligations either parent might have before enacting a child support order.

Talk to a Parke County Family Lawyer

When you and the other parent of your children are no longer living your lives together, there is much to be discussed. The transition from sharing your lives to living separately is difficult, particularly on your children.

If you work with a Parke County family law attorney at Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm, the process can become a lot easier on everyone involved. You can schedule your free, no-obligation consultation by giving our office a call at 1-812-232-7400 or filling out the convenient contact form at the bottom of this page.

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