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Vigo County Annulment Lawyer

Discovering that your marriage isn’t legal can be devastating news. A qualified Vigo County annulment attorney can help nullify your union and get you back on track with your life.

Getting your marriage annulled is quite different than filing for divorce. An annulment means that your marriage never existed in the first place. The Vigo County court system will only grant an annulment if you meet certain criteria. In many cases, you might need to opt for a divorce, but certain circumstances will warrant the pursuit of an annulment.

The Vigo County annulment lawyers at Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm have years of experience helping individuals get their marriages annulled in a timely manner. You don’t have to waste time and energy going through a complicated divorce when your marriage wasn’t valid in the first place.

Grounds for Obtaining an Annulment in Indiana

There are a few reasons why you might seek an annulment, and these reasons typically fall under one of two categories: your marriage was never legal; or your marriage needs to be voided.

Your marriage might not have been legal if your spouse was already married at the time of your wedding, if you were engaging in an incestual relationship, or if you or your spouse were under the age of eighteen and did not have the required parental consent to enter into a marriage contract.

In cases where your marriage was legal but needs to be nullified, it’s typically because one spouse was unable to provide consent. We see this frequently in situations where one spouse was inebriated when they married, or in situations where one spouse is not of sound mind due to a debilitating mental health condition.

You may also be eligible to have your marriage annulled if you were forced to get married against your will, if your partner failed to disclose their impotence, or if you only married because of a series of lies told to you by your spouse. Your attorney will need to review the details of your case to determine whether you have grounds for getting an annulment.

Disadvantages to Seeking an Annulment Rather Than a Divorce

In some cases, having your marriage annulled is necessary to make your union legally nonexistent, but there are a few disadvantages to an annulment versus a divorce.

First, if your marriage is annulled, you won’t be able to seek spousal support if you were financially dependant on your spouse. The other major con to having your marriage nullified is that the division of your property and assets will be far more challenging, particularly if you purchased a home together or have other valuable assets that will need to be dispersed.

Having an experienced annulment lawyer in Vigo County can be the best way to expedite your annulment or divorce, no matter which route you choose.

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