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Vigo County Expungement Lawyer

When you have a criminal record that is negatively impacting your life, you can work with an expungement Lawyer in Vigo County to take the first steps toward a better future.

Having your record expunged means that any criminal convictions will be permanently removed from your record. When any potential employers, landlords, or educational institutions run a background check, these convictions will no longer be a reflection of you. An expunction makes it possible for you to move forward with your life under specific circumstances.

Our team of highly trained attorneys at Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm have the experience you need to clear your name. We’ll look into the details surrounding your arrest and conviction to determine whether you meet the criteria necessary to have your record expunged. This way, you can finally have the opportunity to put the past in the past and rebuild your life.

Crimes Eligible for Expunction

Before your record can be expunged, there are certain requirements you will need to meet. First, there is a minimum amount of time that needs to pass, depending on the type of crime you’ve been convicted of.

For example, if you were convicted of a felony, you might need to wait up to ten years for your record to be sealed, whereas those convicted of misdemeanors will only need to wait five years. During this waiting period, you need to be sure that you are not charged with or convicted of any other crimes.

Individuals who were arrested without probable cause, had their charges eventually dropped, or were victims of identity theft will also be eligible to have their record expunged. Once your expungement lawyer in Vigo County has established that you have met the criteria necessary for an expunction, a motion will be filed and a hearing scheduled.

At your expungement hearing, the prosecutor will have the option of objecting to your record being sealed, at which point we will be prepared to answer any concerns and plead your case for expunction. In the event that the judge finds you to be a reasonable candidate for expungement, your record will then be sealed, and only government officials will be able to see your previous arrests or convictions.

When You Might Not Qualify for an Expungement

There are certain situations where you will be ineligible for a record expunction through the second chance law. For example, if you have been convicted of a domestic violence charge, if it has been less than three years since your conviction, or if you were required to register as a sex offender as part of your sentencing, you will not meet the requirements necessary for an expungement in Vigo county.

You will need to speak with your attorney about the crimes you were charged with or convicted of before you know whether you’ll have the opportunity to have your record sealed.

Get in Touch With a Vigo County Expungement Lawyer

When you’re tired of your past following you when trying to better your life, get help clearing your name by reaching out to a Vigo County expungement Lawyer at Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm. We are pleased to offer free case reviews to all Vigo County residents. You can claim yours by filling out the brief contact form provided below or by calling our firm at 1-812-232-7400 today.

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