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Terre Haute Kidnapping Lawyer

When you’ve been arrested on a kidnapping charge, you’ll want to do everything you can to avoid such a devastating conviction. Reach out to a qualified Terre Haute kidnapping attorney for assistance.

Kidnapping is defined as knowingly or intentionally confining another person against their will. This could be with an intention to secure a ransom, to escape a detention facility, using them as a hostage, or hijacking a vehicle with someone inside. As you can imagine, this is a serious crime with penalties that could permanently alter your life if you’re convicted.

At Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm, our Terre Haute lawyers are prepared to help you beat these criminal charges. Your Terre Haute kidnapping lawyer will thoroughly investigate the charges against you and then build a strong defense in your favor so you don’t have to deal with the consequences of such a heinous crime.

Penalties of a Kidnapping Conviction

If you are charged with kidnapping, you’ll be facing a level 6 felony. If convicted, you’ll be facing anywhere from six months to two-and-a-half years in prison. In most kidnapping cases, the prosecutor will be seeking approximately one year of prison time. You can also expect to pay a fine of up to $10,000.

Once you are released from prison, your life will be forever changed. You’ll be labeled a felon, which will influence your ability to find gainful employment, affordable housing, and even get a quality education, as most federal loan assistance programs are not available to those with a felony record.

The impact a kidnapping conviction can have on your life is severe, and you’ll require a highly trained attorney to help you beat your charges.

How We’ll Defend Your Case

There are a few different defensive strategies commonly seen in kidnapping trials. For example, there can’t be a kidnapping without the individual not providing consent. If the person who you are accused of kidnapping provided consent to be taken somewhere, then there wasn’t, in fact, a kidnapping at all.

Proving that the victim gave their consent can be a challenge, but we’re prepared to establish that no crime was committed when using this defense.

There are also cases when someone has been accused of kidnapping, but it was a mistake. This happens most frequently in child custody cases where one person doesn’t necessarily understand the details of the custody arrangement. In this case, you’ll have a strong chance of having your charges dropped.

Finally, the other defensive option available to you is if you were coerced into kidnapping. This could be through blackmail or perhaps by physical threat. If you were under duress when you took someone against their will, this can be a possible defense for your case.

Your lawyer will examine the circumstances of your charges before moving forward with one particular defense, but you can rest easier knowing there are feasible defenses available to help you avoid a kidnapping conviction.

Reach Out to a Terre Haute Kidnapping Attorney

If you’re facing a kidnapping charge and aren’t sure what you should do next, get in touch with a reputable Terre Haute kidnapping lawyer at Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm. You can schedule your initial consultation today by calling our office at 1-812-232-7400 or by filling out the quick contact form below.

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