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When Is Family Law Mediation Necessary?

The dissolution of a family can be a traumatic experience for all involved. Parents of children can often wind up at each other’s throats, casting blame upon one another and leaving their children in the middle.

Due to the fact that a separation or divorce is typically challenging to go through, you and your family can choose to work through your issues together in family mediation so that the family courts don’t have to take these difficult decisions out of your hands and come to arrangements on your behalf. Continue reading to learn more about why mediation could be the right option for you and your family.

The Details of Your Divorce or Separation

There are a number of issues in your separation or divorce that could arise when trying to work out how you’ll live your lives separately. This could include the question of spousal maintenance, the division of property and assets, and child custody and support arrangements.

It would be well-advised for you to try to work together in mediation to get through these points of contention as best as you can.

As mentioned, if you and your former partner are unable to figure out the details on your own or with the assistance of a mediator, the decisions will need to be made by a judge in family court, who will consider the best interests of all involved parties and ensure that everyone is treated as fairly as possible.

Modifications to Existing Arrangements

Another aspect of family law that can require mediation is modifications to existing arrangements.

For instance, let’s say you and your former spouse divorced three years ago and came to a child support agreement. If you require additional child support due to an increase in expenses or if you need a reduction in child support due to a loss of income, you can try to work it out in mediation rather than having the court come to a decision for you.

Other arrangements that may need modifications include alimony, child custody, or visitation agreements.

Get Help From an Indiana Family Mediation Lawyer

When you’re interested in resolving your divorce or family legal disputes and you need help to ensure that you aren’t taken advantage of, get in touch with a skilled Indiana family mediation lawyer at Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm.

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