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How Long Do I Have to Pay Child Support in Indiana?

When your marriage doesn’t work out with the other parent of your children, there are likely to be points of contention surrounding the children you share. This might include child custody and visitation arrangements, parenting plans, and of course, the question of child support.

Both parents are expected to provide for their children financially, no matter how much time the parent spends with their child. But, the amount that the noncustodial parent will be required to pay the custodial parent will vary based on a number of different factors. Below we examine how long the noncustodial parent will be expected to pay child support and how this payment is calculated.

Indiana Child Support Laws

In Indiana, children become legally emancipated from their parents at the age of nineteen. Essentially, this means that, at nineteen, the children are no longer considered to be children who are unable to provide for themselves. At this point, you will no longer be obligated to continue paying child support to their other parent.

If you have no interest in having a relationship with your child and want to be relinquished of the responsibility to pay child support, you’ll need to voluntarily terminate your parental rights to the child.

This will ensure that you no longer have to contribute to the child’s care financially, but it also means that you have no legal right to a relationship with your child, or have any say in their upbringing. For this reason, terminating your parental rights should be something you take ample time to consider.

How Child Support Is Calculated

There are specific standards for calculating child support in Indiana. Some of the different factors that are taken into consideration include the income of both parents, health insurance costs and coverage, the necessary expenses of both parents, childcare expenses, tuition, and a number of other influencing factors.

Your attorney can help ensure that you aren’t taken advantage of by your child’s other parent when these calculations are made. Your child deserves the financial support required of a healthy and full upbringing, and your lawyer will work tirelessly to achieve it.

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