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Establishing Paternity in Indiana

If you and the mother of your child weren’t legally married when the child was born, or if the baby was born more than 300 days after the marriage ended, there’s a chance that paternity wasn’t legally established at birth. If this is the case, you’ll need to establish paternity in order to have legal rights as the father of your child.

There are a few ways to establish paternity in the state of Indiana. A family lawyer from Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm will ensure you have all of the proper documentation to get your paternity established so you can legally fight for both child support and custody in the future.

How to Legally Establish Paternity

If paternity wasn’t legally established when the child was born, your attorney can help you establish paternity in one of two ways. You can either file a paternity affidavit or use a court order. When a paternity affidavit is filed, both the mother and father of the child will agree to sign a document without the court’s involvement. The father’s name will then be added to the birth certificate.

A court order can be filed by either parent seeking the establishment of paternity. A mother may choose to do this because she is seeking child support payments from the father. When the court orders the establishment of paternity, both parties may agree to paternity, and if not, genetic testing will be used to determine fatherhood of the child.

Reach Out to a Terre Haute Family Lawyer

Establishing paternity can award you with many legal rights that you never would’ve had before. It’s important as a father to establish paternity before your child becomes an adult or seeks emancipation. If you need help establishing paternity, an experienced lawyer at Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm can guide you through the legal process.

To speak with a Terre Haute family lawyer about your case in greater detail, you can contact us today for a free consultation by filling out the contact form below or by calling 1-812-232-7400.

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