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Indiana Marijuana Laws

Marijuana use is becoming more and more accepted around the country. However, in Indiana, the law remains clear: possession of marijuana is illegal and will result in criminal charges.

Although decriminalization and legalization for recreational and medicinal use are on the rise, federal law still classifies marijuana as a Schedule I drug—alongside heroin, ecstasy, and LSD. For this reason, Indiana has not yet allowed citizens to legally participate in marijuana consumption. Read on to learn more about marijuana laws in Indiana.

The Controlled Substances Act

The Controlled Substances Act is a federal statute regarding the regulation of certain substances. This includes the manufacturing, distribution, possession, and use of specific drugs. The act classifies drugs into categories known as schedules based on their potential for abuse, medical usage, and safety risks.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is responsible for overseeing the regulation of controlled substances and often opens investigations for large-scale operations that aim to make controlled substances available to the public.

Punishments for a Marijuana Possession Conviction in Indiana

The federal government has not yet made marijuana legal, and Indiana follows suit. If you are found to be in possession of marijuana, you will more than likely face criminal charges.

Carrying less than thirty grams will be considered a Class A misdemeanor, while anything over that will be considered a Class D felony. Those who have already been convicted of possessing marijuana and are caught again will automatically be charged with a Class D felony.

Convictions for these charges can carry with them varied punishments, which include jail or prison time, fines, and probation.

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