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What Rights Do Men Have in Divorces?

In Indiana, it doesn’t matter what your gender is when considering divorce. Both men and women will be treated the same when they are seeking divorce.

Years ago, women and mother’s used to have the upper hand when going to court for a divorce, but times have changed, and men have the same rights that women do when choosing to end their marriage. Continue reading to learn more about some of the most important components of a divorce in Indiana.

Indiana Equitable Distribution Laws

To start, in any divorce, you will need to determine which spouse retains which assets, debts and property. A common assumption is that the primary earner will be taken advantage of when it comes to dividing marital property.

Fortunately, this isn’t the case, as Indiana follows equitable distribution laws. This means that both parties will retain an equal amount of the marital assets, but that doesn’t necessarily mean assets and debts will be divided down the middle.

For instance, say your soon-to-be ex wants to keep your home, car, and a number of big-ticket items inside the home. The judge might grant them the car and larger items but leave the home to you. In any case, these details can always be worked out between the two spouses so the judge doesn’t have to decide for you.

Paying or Receiving Spousal Support

Another common misconception is that men need to provide financial support for their spouses when they divorce. But, alimony is only awarded when one spouse earns a great deal more than the other, or if one spouse is physically or mentally incapable of caring for themselves.

Even then, alimony can be awarded for a set amount of time, depending on the circumstances of your case. In some cases, alimony is ordered when one party earns a great deal more, and the other party will need time to seek gainful employment or return to school in order to qualify for gainful employment.

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