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Terre Haute Annulment Lawyer

Have you found yourself in a marriage that wasn’t legally allowed in the first place? If you are interested in having your marriage annulled, get in touch with a knowledgeable Terre Haute marriage annulment attorney who can help you void the marriage.

A civil marriage annulment is different from a divorce in that an annulment effectively voids the marriage, meaning that legally the marriage is considered to have never occurred. There are very specific situations in which the Indiana family law courts will grant a marriage annulment. More often than not, couples will need to obtain a divorce, but there are instances where an annulment is appropriate.

At the Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm, we have the experience and skill you need to obtain a swift approval for your marriage annulment. Don’t spend another minute in a marriage that you should not be a part of.

Grounds for a Marriage Annulment

Marriages can be annulled for one of two reasons: Either the marriage was valid but should be voided, or your marriage was never legal in the first place.

When a marriage was valid but needs to be nullified, it is generally due to one spouse being unable to give proper consent, whether that is due to mental illness or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the “I dos.”

Other circumstances where a marriage could be annulled include one spouse being forced to comply with a marriage against his or her will, undisclosed impotence that prevents the consummation of the marriage, or a marriage based on lies in which the marriage wouldn’t have happened had the dishonest spouse been truthful.

If a marriage was never legal, you can obtain an annulment to get out of it. Marriages that aren’t legal include those that are incestual, where one spouse is already married to another person, and when an underaged spouse did not have parental consent at the time of the marriage.

The Pros and Cons of Annulments

It will be up to you to determine whether the advantages of an annulment exceed the cons of having your marriage voided. The great thing about an annulment as opposed to a divorce is that having your marriage nullified means that it never actually happened, legally speaking. This means that you will not have to deal with items such as division of property, legal separation, or alimony.

The problem with seeking an annulment is that it is often a more complicated process than a no-fault divorce would be. Your annulment lawyer will need to prove that one of the grounds for annulment was present at the time of the wedding.   

Get Help From a Terre Haute Annulment Attorney

If you want to know whether your marriage will qualify for an annulment, reach out to a qualified Terre Haute annulment lawyer at the Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm for clarity. We can set up your free consultation today through the contact form below or via telephone at 1-812-232-7400.

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