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Can a Child Choose Which Parent to Live with in Indiana?

As if being involved in a child custody battle isn’t bad enough, finding out that your child might wish to live with their other parent can be devastating. When this happens to you, it could be in your best interest to sit down with your child and their other parent to discuss why your child feels that way, and ensure the child is getting an adequate voice in the decision.

However, some toxic parents have been known to manipulate their children, and in these situations, taking your children’s wishes into account wouldn’t be in their best interests. Read on to learn more about whether Indiana allows children to make the decision about which parent they want to live with.

Establishing Your Child Custody Arrangement

If you don’t already have a custody arrangement in place because you’ve only just separated or haven’t gotten around to it, now would be a good time to implement parenting time. Without a custody plan, either parent can effectively take their children whenever and wherever they like, and police can do little about it.

You might decide to share joint legal and physical custody with your child’s other parent, or you might be seeking a sole custody arrangement. In either case, as long as your plan is mandated by the courts, every family member is protected.

When a Minor Child Can Choose Where to Live

Although the state of Indiana doesn’t explicitly allow children to decide which parent they want to live with, the child’s wishes are taken into consideration once the child turns fourteen.

However, just because the child wishes to live with one parent doesn’t mean the judge will grant that wish. The courts will always do what’s in the best interest of the children, and if living with their other parent will cause them no harm, there typically isn’t a reason to deny that request.

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