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Terre Haute Fake ID Lawyer

Many individuals don’t understand how serious it is to be charged with possessing or manufacturing a fake ID. When you’re facing these charges, work with an experienced Terre Haute fake ID attorney to minimize your chances of a criminal conviction.

You might believe that carrying or making fake IDs is harmless. However, Indiana law prohibits it, and you could face serious ramifications that can seriously affect your life for years to come. Fortunately, you can avoid such a conviction when you enlist the services of a regarded attorney.

At Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm, we understand the severity of the charges you’re facing. We’ll work to determine which defenses might be the best for your unique case. When you work with your Terre Haute fake ID lawyer, you can be sure that we’re doing everything we can to beat your charges.

What Happens if You Get Caught With a Fake ID

Anyone who is found to possess, manufacture, or distribute any type of fake identification that is meant to be a replica of government-issued identification will be charged with a Class A misdemeanor. In Indiana, this means you could be facing a prison sentence of up to one year and fines up to $5,000.

What’s more, if you are believed to have been manufacturing fake IDs, you could be facing federal charges, depending on your intentions.

For example, if you were accused of manufacturing fake identification for someone so they can appear to be a U.S. citizen, you could be looking at fines of up to $10,000 and spend between one and fifteen years in a federal prison.

The consequences of possessing or manufacturing a fake ID can be severe. Working with a qualified attorney could be your best chance at reducing your sentence. You might even be able to avoid a conviction entirely, depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrest.

Possible Defenses

In many cases, if you were charged with possession of a fake ID, your lawyer might be able to argue one of two things:

  • The fake ID in question didn’t belong to you.
  • You weren’t using the ID to deceive anyone, such as to buy a firearm or alcohol illegally.

If you’ve been charged with producing fake identification documents, your best option might be to consider accepting a plea agreement to avoid facing federal charges. After reviewing the details of your charges and any evidence against you, your attorney can ascertain which option will be in your best interest.

Consult a Terre Haute Fake ID Attorney

Although it might seem innocent enough, possessing or producing fake identification documents is a serious offense. If you’re facing these charges, you need an experienced Terre Haute fake ID lawyer at Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm by your side.

You can secure exceptional legal representation today when you call our office at 1-812-232-7400, or when you complete the quick contact form we’ve included at the bottom of this page.

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