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Terre Haute Juvenile Defense Lawyer

Has your child recently been arrested for a crime that could seriously impact his or her life? If so, reach out to a Terre Haute juvenile defense attorney who can protect your child’s future.

When a child under the age of eighteen is charged with a crime, his or her court proceedings are usually held in juvenile court. This can allow minors to avoid incarceration and gives them a chance of avoiding convictions that could influence their lives forever.

Your Terre Haute juvenile defense lawyer at Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm will thoroughly investigate your child’s case and obtain the evidence necessary to support a not guilty plea. One poor decision by a child shouldn’t ruin the rest of his or her life. We will work tirelessly to help your child beat a conviction for the crimes he or she has been charged with.

Common Crimes Juveniles Commit in Terre Haute

We have compiled the following information regarding the types of crimes children most frequently commit:

Crime Example
Theft Shoplifting, stealing bikes
Vandalism Tagging/graffiti, keying cars, writing on bathroom walls
Alcohol Underage possession or consumption, open bottle in a car, drunk driving

What’s in the Future of a Child Charged With a Crime?

Teenagers charged with a crime like drunk driving like the ones listed above can dramatically impact the child’s life for years to come. If convicted of the charges in question, the child may continue down this path and become a repeat offender on the way to becoming a career criminal. No parent wants that.

A conviction isn’t automatically expunged at the age of eighteen, either; you and your juvenile defense lawyer in Terre Haute will have to petition the court for an expungement. Until then, a conviction smears your child’s name and could keep him or her from being admitted to a quality college, obtaining financial aid to pay for college, and securing gainful employment.

No court wants to ruin a child’s life. The judge will often afford juvenile offenders every chance to reduce their penalties to probation, community service, and other lesser forms of punishment. In the case of serious crimes or with repeat offenders, the court will likely resort to placing your child in a juvenile detention center, however.

Either way, your juvenile defense attorney in Terre Haute can fight for the best possible outcome for your child.

Call a Terre Haute Juvenile Defense Attorney

Your child might have made some serious mistakes, but that doesn’t mean he or she should spend a lifetime paying for them. Reach out to Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm to protect your child’s future.

We will stop at nothing to fight your child’s charges and help him or her avoid harsh penalties, giving him or her the best chance at a bright future. Set up your free case assessment today by calling a Terre Haute juvenile defense lawyer at 1-812-232-7400 or completing the convenient contact form below.

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