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Can a Lawyer Get My Arrest Record Sealed?

The impact a criminal conviction can have on your life is undeniable. A conviction can make it challenging to obtain gainful employment, affordable housing, student loans and otherwise improve your life.

However, you can put your past behind you by getting your arrest record sealed, meaning the only people who can see your past convictions are those performing restricted background checks, such as federal government officials or members of law enforcement.

Continue reading to learn more about which crimes are eligible for record sealing and what is involved in the request process.

When a Conviction Can Be Sealed

In order to get your record sealed, you’ll need to file a petition with the courts a minimum of one year after your initial arrest. After the petition has been approved, your arrest records will no longer be available to the public nor show up during a background check.

However, not all crimes are eligible to be sealed. For example, if you currently have any criminal charges filed against you, your petition won’t be granted. Essentially, any first-offense crimes that are eligible for expungement are also eligible for sealing.

Crimes Ineligible to Be Sealed

You will not be granted a petition to have your record sealed if you are convicted of any of the following types of crimes:

There can be exceptions to this rule, such as being charged with a misdemeanor or Class D felony offense. Your criminal attorney in Terre Haute can review the details of your case to determine whether you qualify for your records to be sealed, and then they can assist you moving forward, should you meet the requirements.

Speak to an Indiana Record Sealing Lawyer

When you want to improve your life but have a criminal conviction looming over you, it can damage your ability to put your past behind you.

Fortunately, with a highly trained Indiana record sealing lawyer at Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm by your side, you can increase your chances of having your arrest record sealed. To discuss the details of your case, call 1-812-232-7400 or fill out the quick contact form we’ve provided at the bottom of this page.

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