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Brazil Alimony Lawyer

Not every relationship is financially equal, and when you’re seeking a divorce, that could mean paying or receiving alimony. Contact a Brazil spousal support lawyer for help understanding and fighting for what’s fair.  

While it’s increasingly common for both spouses to work outside of the home, some households only have a primary breadwinner who supports the whole family with his or her paycheck. Unfortunately, if you and your soon-to-be ex decide that your marriage isn’t working, that could put you, the non-working spouse, in a difficult position, especially if you will continue to care for the children.

You may need financial help taking care of yourself and any children, which can be difficult without work history. Whether you’re struggling to support yourself or feel that you’re being asked to pay too much, a Brazil alimony lawyer at Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm can calculate fair spousal maintenance (also called alimony and spousal support) and fight for a fair arrangement.

Determining Alimony in Brazil, Indiana

Alimony can be complicated. You’ll need to prove that you need spousal support or that your spouse won’t need this help. Indiana’s spousal maintenance guidelines depend on many factors that could affect your ability to provide for yourself. This includes the following:

For example, let’s say both spouses were working, but your child was born with a physical disability that required one spouse to focus solely on the child’s care. The spouse had to quit his or her job, so while he or she might have educational qualifications, he or she may not have worked for some time. That makes it hard to get a job.

When determining your alimony, your capacity to work—and that of your spouse—will be an important consideration. Your alimony lawyer in Brazil can help you understand how your situation will affect the amount you’ll receive or pay.

Your Spousal Support Can Change

While a court may make decisions regarding alimony, each case is unique, and your spousal support could change based on your situation.

For example, if your spouse is required to pay temporary child support, he or she might be required to pay a smaller amount for alimony. While your final decree may be different, the amount of other support you receive or are required to pay could be used to change the amount of alimony you’ll pay or receive.

You’ll also need to keep in mind that, if you remarry, you’ll be unable to receive alimony. Other changes, such as a job loss, can also lead to your alimony being recalculated, so speak to a spousal support lawyer in Brazil to make sure you’re being treated fairly.  

Call a Brazil Alimony Attorney

A divorce is a difficult time—not just emotionally, but financially. If you’re not the breadwinner of the family, it can be difficult to recover and support yourself without your ex’s contributions. Even with the help of vocational programs, it can take time to make enough money to maintain your quality of life.

When you’re in such a difficult position, you need someone to make sure both parties are satisfied and taken care of. To get the care you need, contact a Brazil alimony lawyer at Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm to schedule a case review. Get started today by calling 1-812-232-7400 or completing the online contact form below.

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