Vigo County Family Mediation Lawyer

Are you and your former spouse having trouble resolving issues on your own? A Vigo County family mediation attorney can help ensure you aren’t taken advantage of during this vulnerable time in your life.

As if separating from your partner wasn’t difficult enough, dealing with the aftermath of a separation or divorce can be devastating. The person you thought you’d spend your life with is no longer by your side. On top of that emotional instability, there are often many points of contention involved in a separation that can cause significant issues moving forward.

At this point, attending family mediation can be an excellent option for working through these issues. Your Vigo County family mediation lawyer at Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm can help you decide which areas you’re willing to negotiate, and which areas you want to remain firm. Throughout the process, we will ensure that the best interests of you and your children remain a top priority.

How Mediation Can Help

Whether you were married, in a relationship, have children or not, there are many details that you’ll need to work through when you choose to separate. Unfortunately, if you can’t resolve them on your own, the courts will step in to make these important decisions for you.

Some of the various problems that can be addressed in family mediation include one or more of the following:

It’s better for everyone involved if you can reach an arrangement that works for all parties. If one parent is asking for joint custody, for example, while the other wants sole custody, it’s a much smoother process to create a child custody plan and visitation agreement together rather than having the courts determine what your family life will look life.

In any case, a family mediation lawyer in Vigo County can help you set your limits and discuss the areas you’re willing to compromise in before attending your mediation. This helps the mediation process go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

The Family Mediation Process in Vigo County

Once you’ve made the decision to attend mediation, you’ll need to prepare yourself for what’s to come. Maybe you already know what your former partner is demanding; maybe you have no idea what they’ll be looking for.

The important thing is that you know which areas are most important to you, and what is in your best interest and the best interests of your children. During mediation, a mediator will be present to hear both sides.

The mediator is a neutral party who will help you make decisions and explore possible solutions to your issues. The great thing about mediation is that the mediator will have everyone’s best interests in mind and will make suggestions that can work for both parties.

After mediation, the issues that can be resolved will be sent to the judge for approval and then integrated into a court order, where applicable. Any issues that you can’t agree upon will then be heard by the judge, who will make a decision that is both fair and reasonable.

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