What Happens in a Chapter 13 Confirmation Hearing

When you’ve decided that filing for bankruptcy is your best option to attain financial freedom, you might have determined that declaring Chapter 13 was the right fit for you. Here, you will have developed a plan that requires you to repay your creditors over a span of three-to-five years while retaining your assets and possessions.

As part of the bankruptcy process, you’ll need to attend a Chapter 13 confirmation hearing before your plan can be approved. Read on to learn more about this hearing so you can prepare for what’s to come.

When Your Creditor Rejects Your Repayment Plan

Your Chapter 13 confirmation hearing is a chance for your creditors to voice any concerns they might have regarding your repayment plan. They can issue any objections about how long you’re planning to repay a debt, how much they’ll be collecting, or any issues they have with the eventual discharge of your debts.

Often, your creditors will not attend the hearing nor make any objections at all. But, you’ll need to be present for this hearing so the judge can put your repayment plan into effect.

The Chapter 13 Confirmation Hearing

During your confirmation hearing, your creditors, should they choose to object to your repayment plan, can explain to the judge their reasons why the plan doesn’t work for them. Then, they can describe any changes they would like to see before your plan becomes binding.

In some cases, the judge will have questions about the feasibility of your plan. Your attorney will be prepared to address any of these issues so you can begin to move forward with your life following your bankruptcy declaration.

Speak to a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy can become complicated quickly, and working with an attorney is often the best way to ensure you understand your rights and responsibilities once your repayment plan is confirmed.

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