How Long Before I Can File Bankruptcy Again?

If you have previously declared bankruptcy and are again struggling to pay your debts, you may wonder how soon you can file for bankruptcy again. Below, we go into further detail about time limits for filing bankruptcy. 

Time Limits for Filing Under the Same Chapter

If you have previously declared Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy and are interested in filing under the same chapter again, you will need to wait two years from your Chapter 13 declaration, and eight years from your Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition

Keep in mind that your debts don’t have to be discharged before a subsequent filings. The timer starts from the initial petition file date. 

When You Can File Under Different Chapters

Let’s say you have previously filed a Chapter 7 petition and are interested in filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition now. The time limit begins from the date you declared Chapter 7.

But, if you have previously filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition, and your discharge was granted, you will need to wait up to six years from the date of your Chapter 13 filing to file for Chapter 7. You may not have to wait six years if you have paid 70 percent of your unsecured debts or if you have repaid your Chapter 13 creditors in full.

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